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Keep your home looking great and running smooth.
From appliance repair and maintenence to organization and
cleaning tips our videos cover a wide range of topics to help
you take care of the most common home owner issues.


How to Replace An Electrical Outlet

GFCI Outlets

Install a Single Pole Dimmer Switch For a Light

Dimmer Switch 3 Way Light

Rewiring a Lamp

Replacing a Hanging Light


Unclog a Slow Drain

Shutoff Valves

Checking a Toilet Flapper

Replacing a Toilet Flapper

How to Adjust a Toilet Fill Valve

Hand Held Shower Head Installation

Plunging a Toilet The Right Way

How to Replace a Toilet Seat


Air Conditioner Cleaning and Condenser Maintenance

Changing a Furnace Filter


Dishwasher Maintenance How To

Cleaning Fridge Coils

Clean Front Load Washing Machines Smell

Replacing a Refrigerator Water Filter

How to Fix a Garbage Disposal Jam

Over the Range Microwave Filter Replacement

How to Flush a Water Heater

Doors & Windows

Storm Door and Window Screen Replacement How To

How To Replacing Weather Stripping

Fix a Stuck Door Latch

Quick Way to Install an Interior Door Knob

Quick Way to Replace Door Hinges

How to Install a Hinge Pin Door Stop

How to Fix an Improperly Installed Deadbolt Lock

Fix a Self Closing Door

Garage Door Maintenance

Remote Keypad Garage Door Opener Installation


Easy Concrete Crack Repair

How to Prepare Your Home Before Leaving for Vacation

Baby Proofing Your Home Part 1

More Ways to Baby Proof a Home

Homeowner Ladder Safety

Extension Cord Storage

Home Owner Toolbox Essentials

Reading a Tape Measure

Easy Way to Remove Carpet

How to Clean Hard Water Deposits

Fun Household Tricks

Lifehacks Fun Household Tricks

Lifehacks More Fund Household Tricks

Fun Household Tricks Part Four - Lifehacks

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